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Relocating the Registry File

One of the key Sun ONE Active Server Pages system files, the registry file (registry.bin), must be located on a local file system that supports file locking to ensure proper operation. During Sun ONE ASP installation, the installer creates a script named in the Sun ONE ASP installation directory (/opt/casp by default). Contained within this file is a line of code that resembles the following:

MWREGISTRY=[path name]/registry.bin

where [path name] is the current location of the registry file.

To relocate the registry file

  1. Write down the current value of [path name].

  2. Create the new directory where you wish to relocate the registry file. This directory must reside on the local machine in which the file system supports file locking. For the following steps, this new directory is referred to as <new path name>.

  3. Edit with a text editor such as vi and change the following line:

  4. MWREGISTRY=[path name]/registry.bin 

    - to -

    MWREGISTRY=[new path name]/registry.bin
  5. Copy the registry file from its old location ([path name]/registry.bin) to its new location ([new path name]/registry.bin).