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About ASP

Benefits of ASP

Using the Administration Console

Accessing the Administration Console

Starting and Stopping the Administration Web Server

Configuring Usernames and Passwords

Accessing Product Documentation

Viewing the README File

Contacting Customer Support

Installing a New Serial Number

Checking for Product Updates

Enabling External Components

Enabling Database Tools

Managing the ASP Server

Server Management Overview (ASP)

Changing ASP Server Settings

Stopping and Restarting the ASP Server (Admin Console)

Enabling Session State

Configuring International Support

Creating Database Connections (ASP Server)

Defining ASP Applications (ASP Server)

Configuring ASP Applications

Adding ASP Applications

Removing ASP Applications

Editing ASP Application Settings

Enabling ASP for a Virtual Host

Securing the Server

Configuring File System Access

Setting the Security Mode

Disabling Performance Monitoring

Viewing Information about the ASP Server

Monitoring ASP Server Performance

Enabling ASP Errors Logging

Viewing the ASP Errors Log

Viewing Server Diagnostics

Optimizing ASP Server Performance

Enabling Scripts Buffering

Changing the Session Timeout Value

Changing the Script Timeout Value

Configuring Engine Deadlock Recovery

Configuring Multi-threading

Precompiling ASP Pages

Pooling Database Connections

Load Balancing

Shared Web Hosting Environments

Creating Database Connections in a Shared Environment

Defining Applications in a Shared Environment

Using the User Configuration File

Using the FrontPage Services File

Managing the Web Server

Server Management Overview (Web)

Starting and Stopping the Web Server

Configuring the Web Server after Installation

Changes to Web Server Configuration Files

Changes to Sun ONE Web Server Configuration Files

Changes to Apache Configuration Files

Enabling FrontPage Publishing

Command-line Management

Command-line Help

Using configure-server

Stop/Start/Status ASP Server (Command Line)

Stop/Start/Status: configure-server

Stop/Start/Status: caspctrl

Add/Delete/Reconfigure ASP Servers

Changing the Linkage

Add ASP Server

Delete ASP Server

Reconfigure ASP Server

Starting on System Boot

Changing casp.cnfg Settings

Examples: Listing casp.cnfg Settings

Examples: Changing casp.cnfg Settings

Deleting casp.cnfg Settings

Add/Remove ASP in Virtual Hosts

Example: Adding Virtual Hosts

Examples: Removing Virtual Hosts

Add/Remove Applications

Examples: Adding Applications

Examples: Removing Applications

List/View/Add/Edit/Delete ODBC DSNs

Show Database Types

List all DSNs

View Specific DSNs

Add/Edit DSNs

Delete DSNs

Uninstalling Sun ONE ASP

Configuring a Database

Viewing the List of ODBC Drivers

Configuring Data Source Names (DSNs)

Adding a DSN

Removing a DSN

Editing a DSN

Testing a DSN

Configuring the Database Environment

Setting Oracle Environment Variables

Setting Informix Environment Variables

Configuring Database Parameters

DB2 Parameters

dBASE Parameters

Informix Parameters

Microsoft SQL Server Parameters

MySQL Parameters

Oracle Parameters

PostgreSQL Parameters

SequeLink Parameters

Sybase Parameters

Text Parameters

Configuring ADO Connections

Setting the ADO Connection Pool Size

Enabling and Disabling ADO Logging

Using Database Tools

Database Publisher

Administering Database Publisher

Installing Database Publisher

Using the Database Publisher Wizard


Administering DBMS

Accessing DBMS

DBMS Conventions

Connecting to a Database (DBMS)

Working with Tables

Working with SQL Statements

Building Sun ONE ASP Applications

Creating the Basic ASP Application

Choosing an Authoring Tool

Creating an ASP Page

Adding Scripts

Changing the Scripting Language

Using @Directives

Using Server-side Includes

Defining the Application

Using the Global.asa File

Using Sun ONE ASP Built-in Objects

Using Sun ONE ASP Installed Components

Using Java Objects and Classes

Using Custom Server Components

Connecting to a Database

Creating Connection Strings

Opening the Database Connection

Using FrontPage Database Features

Migrating an Access Database to MySQL or dBASE

Developing International Applications

Japanese Character Support

DB2 and Locale

Understanding Code Pages

Publishing a Sun ONE ASP Application

ASP Built-in Objects Reference

ASP Application Object

Syntax: ASP Application Object

ASP Application Object Collections

ASP Application Object Methods

ASP Application Object Events

ASP Application Object Examples

ASPError Object

Syntax: ASPError Object

ASPError Object Properties

ASPError Object Example

ASP Request Object

Syntax: ASP Request Object

ASP Request Object Collections

ASP Request Object Properties

ASP Request Object Methods

ASP Response Object

Syntax: ASP Response Object

ASP Response Object Collections

ASP Response Object Properties

ASP Response Object Methods

ASP Server Object

Syntax: ASP Server Object

ASP Server Object Properties

ASP Server Object Methods

ASP Session Object

Syntax: ASP Session Object

ASP Session Object Collections

ASP Session Object Properties

ASP Session Object Methods

ASP Session Object Events

Remarks: ASP Session Object

ASP Component Reference

ASP Ad Rotator Component

Registry Settings: ASP Ad Rotator Component

Syntax: ASP Ad Rotator Component

ASP Ad Rotator Component Rotator Schedule File

ASP Ad Rotator Component Redirection File

ASP Ad Rotator Component Properties

ASP Ad Rotator Component Methods

ASP Browser Capabilities Component

Syntax: ASP Browser Capabilities Component

Remarks: ASP Browser Capabilities Component

Browsecap.ini File: ASP Browser Capabilities Component

ASP Content Linking Component

Registry Settings: ASP Content Linking Component

Syntax: ASP Content Linking Component

ASP Content Linking Component Content Linking List File

ASP Content Linking Component Properties

ASP Content Linking Component Methods

ASP Content Rotator Component

Registry Settings: ASP Content Rotator Component

Syntax: ASP Content Rotator Component

ASP Content Rotator Component Content Schedule File

ASP Content Rotator Component Properties

ASP Content Rotator Component Methods

ASP Counters Component

Registry Settings: ASP Counters Component

Syntax: ASP Counters Component

ASP Counters Component Properties

ASP Counters Component Methods

ASP MyInfo Component

Registry Settings: ASP MyInfo Component

Syntax: ASP MyInfo Component

ASP MyInfo Component Properties

ASP MyInfo Component Methods

ASP Tools Component

Registry Settings: ASP Tools Component

Syntax: ASP Tools Component

ASP Tools Component Properties

ASP Tools Component Methods

ADO Component Reference

ADO Overview

ADO Objects

ADO Command Object

ADO Connection Object

ADO Error Object

ADO Field Object

ADO Parameter Object

ADO Property Object

ADO Recordset Object

ADO Collections

ADO Errors Collection

ADO Fields Collection

ADO Parameters Collection

ADO Properties Collection

ADO Collections Methods

ADO Collections Properties

Chili!Beans Component Reference

Enabling Chili!Beans

Using Null Objects with Chili!Beans

Iterating a Collection with Chili!Beans

Accessing Methods and Fields with Chili!Beans

Limitations of Chili!Beans Objects

Supplying Java Virtual Machine Settings

Constructing Java Objects with Chili!Beans

Accessing a Java Class via Chili!Beans

Registering a Java Class as a COM Component on Linux and UNIX

Returning a Java Class from a Method Call or Field Access

ASP Servlet Interface

Object Mapping

Programmatic Access

Functionality Not Implemented

XML Support

About the Sun ONE ASP XML Control

Functionality Not Implemented

Node Interface

Document Interface

XMLHTTPRequest Object

SpicePack Component Reference

Enabling SpicePack Components

Chili!Mail (SMTP)

Chili!Mail Registry Settings

Chili!Mail Syntax

Chili!Mail Properties

Chili!Mail Methods

Chili!POP3 (POP3)

Chili!POP3 Registry Settings

Chili!POP3 Syntax

Chili!POP3 POP3 Interface

Chili!POP3 Message Interface

Chili!POP3 Attachment Interface

Chili!Upload (File Upload)

Chili!Upload Registry Settings

Chili!Upload Syntax

Chili!Upload Properties

Chili!Upload Collections

Chili!Upload Methods

Scripting Languages Reference

Sun ONE ASP VBScript Reference

Sun ONE ASP JavaScript Reference

Errors Reference

Sun ONE ASP Errors

Sun ONE ASP VBScript Errors

Sun ONE ASP JavaScript Errors

ADO Errors


Advanced Administration Options

Editing the Windows Registry

Editing the Sun ONE ASP Configuration File


[default machine]

[virtual hosts]

[default application]




[Components Security]

[Product Update]

Defining Applications on UNIX

Defining an Application on Sun ONE Web Server

Defining an Application on Apache Web Server

Relocating the System Files for a Shared Installation

Relocating the Registry File

Relocating Sun ONE Active Server Pages PID Files

Configuring a Non-DSO Apache Web Server

Starting the Apache Web Server in SSL Mode


General Glossary

Administration Console Glossary