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Configuring a Non-DSO Apache Web Server

This procedure applies if you have installed Sun ONE Active Server Pages on a computer running an Apache Web server that does not have Dynamic Shared Object (DSO) support.

Note icon Note As described in Supported in This Release, non-DSO Apache Web servers have not been certified to run with Sun ONE Active Server Pages, and their use is not supported by Customer Support.

When you install Sun ONE ASP on a computer running an Apache Web server, the setup program automatically links Sun ONE ASP to Apache through Apache’s module facility. The setup program uses pre-built Sun ONE Active Server Pages DSO modules to set everything up for you. However, if you are running a non-DSO version of Apache (a version that does not have DSO support), you must use the following procedure to link Sun ONE ASP to the Apache Web server.

Note icon Note The Sun ONE ASP setup program makes certain changes to the configuration files for the associated Web server. For more information about changes for Apache, see Changes to Apache Configuration Files.

To manually link the Sun ONE ASP module to an Apache Web server that does not have DSO support, install Sun ONE ASP and then use the following procedure. The steps in this procedure are based on the assumption that Apache is installed and the source has been saved.

To link the Sun ONE ASP module to Apache Web Server

  1. Stop the Apache Web server.

  2. Copy the files "module/source/build/mod_casp2.c" and "module/source/build/dispint.h" from the Sun ONE ASP installation directory to the "src/modules/extra" subdirectory of your Apache Web server source tree directory.

  3. From the Apache source tree directory, type the following (note that if you have a custom configuration of Apache, your settings might vary from this example):

  4. #> ./configure --prefix=[WEB_SERVER_ROOT_DIR] --activate-module=src/modules/extra/mod_casp2.c

    where [WEB_SERVER_ROOT_DIR] is the root directory for your installed Apache Web server.

  5. When the script has finished running, use a text editor to add "-ldl" to the EXTRA_LIBS section of src/Makefile.

  6. Return to the Apache installation directory, and type the following:

  7. #> make 
  8. Copy the new Web server files to the appropriate location by typing:

  9. #> make install 
  10. Installation is automatic. When installation is complete, restart the Apache Web server, and then start the Sun ONE ASP Server, as described in Stopping and Restarting the ASP Server (Admin Console).