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ADO Recordset Object EditMode Property

The editing status of the current record.

EditMode Property Return Values

Returns one of the following EditModeEnum values:

No editing operation is in progress.
The data in the current record has been modified but not yet saved.
The AddNew method has been invoked and the current record in the copy buffer is a new record that hasn’t been saved in the database.

EditMode Property Remarks

ADO maintains an editing buffer associated with the current record. This property indicates whether changes have been made to this buffer, or whether a new record has been created. Use the EditMode property to determine the editing status of the current record. You can test for pending changes if an editing process has been interrupted and determine whether you need to use the ADO Recordset Object Update Method or ADO Recordset Object CancelUpdate Method.

See the ADO Recordset Object AddNew Method for a more detailed description of the EditMode property under different editing conditions.

EditMode Property Example

See the ADO Recordset Object CursorType Property example.