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Refresh Method Parameters Collection

Using the Refresh method on a ADO Command Object object's Parameters collection retrieves provider-side parameter information for the stored procedure or parameterized query specified in the Command object. The collection will be empty for providers that do not support stored procedure calls or parameterized queries.

You should set the ActiveConnection property of the Command object to a valid ADO Connection Object, the ADO Command Object CommandText Property to a valid command, and the ADO Command Object CommandType Property to adCmdStoredProc before calling the ADO Collections Refresh Method.

If you access the Parameters collection before calling the Refresh method, ADO will automatically call the method and populate the collection for you.

Note icon Note If you use the Refresh method to obtain parameter information from the provider and it returns one or more variable-length data type ADO Parameter Object objects, ADO may allocate memory for the parameters based on their maximum potential size, which will cause an error during execution. You should explicitly set the ADO Parameter Object Size Property for these parameters before calling the ADO Command Object Execute Method to prevent errors.