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ADO Connection Object Execute Method

Executes the specified query, SQL statement, stored procedure, or provider-specific text.

Execute Method Syntax (ADO Connection Object)

For a non-row-returning command string:

connection.Execute CommandText, RecordsAffected, Options 

For a row-returning command string:

Set recordset = connection.Execute (
 CommandText, RecordsAffected, Options)
Execute Method Parameters (ADO Connection Object)


A String containing the SQL statement, table name, stored procedure, or provider-specific text to execute.


An optional Long variable to which the provider returns the number of records that the operation affected.


An optional Long value that indicates how the provider should evaluate the CommandText argument:

The provider should evaluate CommandText as a textual definition of a command.
The provider should evaluate CommandText as a table name.
The provider should evaluate CommandText as a stored procedure.
The type of command in the CommandText argument is not known.

See the ADO Command Object CommandType Property for a more detailed explanation of the four constants in this list.

Execute Method Return Values (ADO Connection Object)

Returns an ADO Recordset Object reference.

Execute Method Remarks (ADO Connection Object)

Using the Execute method on a Connection object executes whatever query you pass to the method in the CommandText argument on the specified connection. If the CommandText argument specifies a row-returning query, any results the execution generates are stored in a new Recordset object. If the command is not a row-returning query, the provider returns a closed Recordset object.

The returned Recordset object is always a read-only, forward-only cursor. If you need a Recordset object with more functionality, first create a Recordset object with the desired property settings, then use the Recordset object's ADO Recordset Object Open Method to execute the query and return the desired cursor type.

The contents of the CommandText argument are specific to the provider and can be standard SQL syntax or any special command format that the provider supports.

Execute Method Examples (ADO Connection Object)

See the Command ADO Command Object Execute Method.