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ADO Connection Object Open Method

Opens a connection to a data source.

Open Method Syntax (ADO Connection Object)
connection.Open ConnectionString, UserID, Password
Open Method Parameters (ADO Connection Object)


An optional String containing connection information. See the ConnectionString property for details on valid settings.


An optional String containing a user name to use when establishing the connection.


An optional String containing a password to use when establishing the connection.

Open Method Remarks (ADO Connection Object)

Using the Open method on a Connection object establishes the physical connection to a data source. After this method successfully completes, the connection is live and you can issue commands against it and process results.

Use the optional ConnectionString argument to specify a connection string containing a series of argument = value statements separated by semicolons. The ConnectionString property automatically inherits the value used for the ConnectionString argument. Therefore, you can either set the ConnectionString property of the Connection object before opening it, or use the ConnectionString argument to set or override the current connection parameters during the Open method call.

If you pass user and password information both in the ConnectionString argument and in the optional UserID and Password arguments, the results may be unpredictable; you should only pass such information in either the ConnectionString argument or the UserID and Password arguments.

When you have concluded your operations over an open Connection, use the ADO Connection Object Close Method to free any associated system resources. Closing an object does not remove it from memory; you may change its property settings and use the Open method to open it again later. To completely eliminate an object from memory, set the object variable to Nothing.

Open Method Examples (ADO Connection Object)

See the ADO Connection Object Close Method.