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ADO Recordset Object Requery Method

Updates the data in a Recordset object by re-executing the query on which the object is based.

Requery Method Syntax
Requery Method Remarks

Use the Requery method to refresh the entire contents of a Recordset object from the data source by reissuing the original command and retrieving the data a second time. Calling this method is equivalent to calling the ADO Recordset Object Close Method and ADO Recordset Object Open Method methods in succession. If you are editing the current record or adding a new record, an error occurs.

While the Recordset object is open, the properties that define the nature of the cursor (ADO Recordset Object CursorType Property, ADO Recordset Object LockType Property, ADO Recordset Object MaxRecords Property, and so forth) are read-only. Thus, the Requery method can only refresh the current cursor. To change any of the cursor properties and view the results, you must use the Close method so that the properties become read/write again. You can then change the property settings and call the Open method to reopen the cursor.

Requery Method Example

See the command ADO Command Object Execute Method.