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Chili!Mail CodePage Property (Integer: Read/Write)

This property enhances the functionality of the Chili!Mail component with non-Roman character sets, enabling a specific code page to be used for a single message.

By default, all e-mail messages and headers are encoded using the code page that is currently in effect. In some cases, however, you may want to use a specific code page for just a single message.

If set, the value of the CodePage property defines the code page used to convert the Unicode strings passed to the mail server. The default is the code page currently in effect, which is determined in the following order:

  1. If Response.CodePage is set in the page, then the current value of Response.CodePage is the effective code page.

  2. If Session.CodePage is set in the page, then the current value of Session.CodePage is the effective code page.

  3. If the page contains an @CODEPAGE directive:

  4. <%@ CODEPAGE=codepage %>

    then codepage is the effective code page.

  5. If none of the previous conditions exist, the setting in casp.cnfg is the effective code page (configurable from the Sun ONE ASP Administration Console).