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Chili!POP3 (POP3)

The Chili!POP3 component retrieves e-mail messages from a POP3 server from an ASP script. This component has two main interfaces: The POP3 interface creates and controls the connection to a POP3 server, and the Message interface exposes all properties of a single message. Additional interfaces are exposed to support retrieval of message lists and message attachments.

Note icon Note The Chili!POP3 component must be enabled in the Sun ONE ASP Administration Console. For more information, see Enabling SpicePack Components.

In this section:

Chili!POP3 Registry Settings

Chili!POP3 Syntax

Chili!POP3 POP3 Interface

Chili!POP3 Message Interface

Chili!POP3 Attachment Interface