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About ASP

Active Server Pages (ASP) is a specification for a dynamically created Web page with an .asp extension. ASP technology provides an open, compile-free application environment in which Web developers can combine HTML, scripts, and reusable Active Server components. Sun ONE Active Server Pages is a platform-independent implementation of ASP technology, enabling ASP applications to be run on a variety of Web servers running under UNIX, Linux, and Windows.

An ASP application consists of ASP pages published on a Web site. An ASP page is simply a plain text file with the .asp file name extension. ASP pages can contain HTML code, client-side scripts, and server-side scripts. A Sun ONE ASP page uses VBScript or JScript code to access the ASP object model, which exposes functionality often used in Web application environments. When a user requests an ASP page, the Web server passes execution to the Sun ONE ASP Server, which processes the scripts, generates an HTML page, and sends it back to the browser.

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Benefits of ASP