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Enabling Session State

You can specify whether the ASP Server maintains session state (session state is enabled by default). To conserve system resources, you might want to disable this feature. However, in order for the Session object used in scripts to function, session state must be enabled.

To enable or disable session state

  1. Open the Administration Console (see Accessing the Administration Console).

  2. On the ASP Server tab of the Server Management page, click Settings.

  3. The Server Settings page displays.

  4. In the Allow session state drop-down list, select yes or no.

  5. Click Save to save your changes, or Cancel to revert to the settings that were last saved.

  6. The Server Management page displays.

  7. To put your changes into effect, restart the ASP Server by clicking Restart.

  8. Note icon Note Restarting the ASP Server resets all Session and Application variables.

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