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Database Publisher

Migrating Web sites from Windows to UNIX or Linux is problematic if existing Web applications use Microsoft Access databases. The contents of Access database files must be migrated to a database supported on UNIX or Linux, but no ODBC drivers exist that can read or write Access files on those platforms. Sun ONE Active Server Pages Database Publisher (Database Publisher) addresses this problem.

Database Publisher is a client/server application that enables a Microsoft Access database running on Windows to be published to a MySQL database running on UNIX or Linux (with Sun ONE ASP installed). The application captures the schema and data of an Access database on a Windows machine, and then transmits those contents in the bodies of HTTP requests to a MySQL database on a UNIX or Linux machine. The contents of the Access database are read from the HTTP requests and used to create a copy of the original Access database on the MySQL database server.

Database Publisher is administered from the Sun ONE ASP Administration Console, which is installed with Sun ONE Active Server Pages. The client component is an executable file that is downloaded from the Web and installed on the Windows machine. Database Publisher is a wizard-like application that guides you through each step of the publishing process.

This section describes how to administer and use Database Publisher, and assumes a working knowledge of both Access and MySQL.

In this section:

Administering Database Publisher

Installing Database Publisher

Using the Database Publisher Wizard