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ASP Request Object Methods

The ASP Request object has one method, which is listed below.

Retrieves data sent to the server from the client as part of a POST request.

Variable parameters are strings that identify the item to be retrieved from a collection or a value to be passed to a property or method. For more information about the variable parameter, see the individual collection descriptions. If the specified variable is not in one of the collections, the Request object returns EMPTY.

All variables can be accessed directly by calling Request(variable) without a collection name. In this case, the Web server searches the collections in the following order:

If the same variable exists in more than one collection, the first one encountered will be used. It is strongly recommended that you use the collection name. For example, instead of Request.(AUTH_USER), use Request.ServerVariables(AUTH_USER).

In this section:

ASP Request Object BinaryRead Method