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XML Support

Sun ONE Active Server Pages provides built-in support for XML, enabling developers to incorporate pages using the Document Object Model (DOM) and HTTP features of MSXML 1.0 into their Sun ONE ASP applications with few changes to code. (MSXML 1.0 is a very basic DOM-based XML parser. Support for DOM Level 2 is provided.)

The Sun ONE ASP XML control is based on the Java API for XML Processing (Java XML) implementation. An MSXML 1.0 DOM compatibility layer allows syntax written for use with the Microsoft control to function with minimal modification. The Sun ONE ASP XML control extends the org.w3c.dom interfaces, which are the interfaces for the DOM that is a component API of the Java XML implementation.

This section lists MSXML 1.0 DOM extensions to the W3C DOM that are NOT implemented in the Sun ONE ASP control. It does not provide a complete developer reference for the MSXML 1.0 DOM and the org.w3c.dom package or for Java XML, XML, and so on. Many other resources provide that information, including the following:

In this section:

About the Sun ONE ASP XML Control

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