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ASP MyInfo Component

The MyInfo component creates a MyInfo object that keeps track of personal information, such as the site administrator's name, address, and display choices. The administrator typically types this information directly into the Web server interface. However, the values of the properties can be set directly by using a script in an ASP page.

Note icon Note Sun ONE ASP does not implement the default properties available under Windows Personal Web Services.

Each property of a MyInfo object returns a string. If a MyInfo property has no value set, the property returns an empty string.

Create new MyInfo properties for values that remain consistent throughout a site. You can create new MyInfo properties by simply assigning a string value to them. The following example creates the new properties DogName and DogBreed. These new properties are stored persistently along with other MyInfo properties.

 MyInfo.DogName = "Snoopy" 
 MyInfo.DogBreed = "Beagle" 

The values of MyInfo properties are stored in the text file, libmyinfo.ini. On UNIX systems, this file is located in [C-ASP_INSTALL_DIR]/server/lib/sunos5_optimized (platform-specific), where [C-ASP_INSTALL_DIR] is the complete directory path of the Sun ONE ASP installation directory.

The Sun ONE ASP implementation of the MyInfo component is compatible with the MyInfo.xml file produced by the Microsoft implementation; however, Microsoft implements the text file as an XML file, while Sun ONE ASP does not.

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