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ASP Component Reference

Sun ONE Active Server Pages automatically installs a number of components that can be used to build dynamic Web pages. The components installed with Sun ONE ASP are listed in the following table, and discussed in this section.

Note icon Note This section provides basic reference information about ASP components. You may wish to consult additional print and Web resources for more detailed ASP reference information.

Ad Rotator
Creates an AdRotator object that automates the rotation of advertisement images on a Web page.
Browser Capabilities
Creates a BrowserType object that determines the type, version, and capabilities of every browser that visits your site.
Creates a NextLink object that manages a list of URLs so that you can treat the pages in your Web site like the pages in a book.
Content Rotator
Creates a ContentRotator object that automatically rotates HTML content strings on a Web page.
Creates a Counters object that can create, store, increment, and retrieve any number of individual counters.
Creates a MyInfo object that keeps track of personal information such as the site administrator's name, address, and display choices.
Creates a Tools object that provides utilities that enable you to easily add sophisticated functionality to your Web pages.

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