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Browsecap.ini File: ASP Browser Capabilities Component

The browscap.ini file (called libchilicap.ini on UNIX) contains information about each known browser. It is a standard text file that lists the features a browser supports. The browscap.ini file maps browser capabilities to the HTTP User Agent header.

Be sure to keep your browscap.ini or libchilicap.ini file up to date. When new browsers are released their capabilities are unknown to the current file, and pages that rely on browser detection may fail. You can obtain updates to browscap.ini at:

To use the browscap.ini file on UNIX, you must convert the text file to UNIX format and rename it "libchilicap.ini." You should rename your existing libchilicap.ini file "libchilicap.old" before installing the updated version.

You can also maintain the browscap.ini file by editing it. A default section of the browscap.ini file is used when the browser details don't match any of the ones specified. If the browser in use doesn't match any in the browscap.ini file, and no default browser settings are specified, all properties are set as "UNKNOWN."

Note icon Note The browscap.ini or libchilicap.ini file must be in the same directory as browscap.dll or
   To use the Browser Capabilities component, it is necessary to create an instance of it and refer to its properties. To avoid having the browscap.ini file accessed every time, read the value once and assign it to a variable:
Set objBCap = Server.CreateObject("MSWC.BrowserType")

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Browsecap.ini File Default Section

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