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ASP Content Rotator Component

The Content Rotator component creates a ContentRotator object that automatically rotates HTML content strings on a Web page. Each time a user requests the Web page, the object retrieves or displays a new HTML content string based upon information specified in a Content Schedule file.

Because the content strings can contain HTML tags, you can display any type of content that HTML can represent: text, images, or hyperlinks. For example, you can use this component to rotate through a list of daily quotations or hyperlinks, or to change text and background colors each time the Web page is opened.

Because the ContentRotator object uses a random generator to select which of the weighted content strings is displayed, a string may be repeated. This is most likely to occur if there are few entries in the Content Schedule file, or if one entry is weighted much higher than the others.

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Registry Settings: ASP Content Rotator Component

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ASP Content Rotator Component Content Schedule File

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