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ADO Connection Object CommandTimeout Property

How long to wait while executing a command before terminating the attempt and generating an error.

CommandTimeout Property Return Values (ADO Connection Object)

Sets or returns a Long value that specifies, in seconds, how long to wait for a command to execute. Default is 30.

CommandTimeout Property Remarks (ADO Connection Object)

Use the CommandTimeout property on a Connection object to allow the cancellation of an ADO Connection Object Execute Method call, due to delays from network traffic or heavy server use. If the interval set in the CommandTimeout property elapses before the command completes execution, an error occurs and ADO cancels the command. If you set the property to zero, ADO will wait indefinitely until the execution is complete. Make sure the provider and data source to which you are writing code supports the CommandTimeout functionality.

The CommandTimeout setting on a Connection object has no effect on the CommandTimeout setting on a Command object on the same Connection; that is, the Command object's CommandTimeout property does not inherit the value of the Connection object's CommandTimeout value.

On a Connection object, the CommandTimeout property remains read/write after the Connection is opened.

CommandTimeout Property Examples (ADO Connection Object)

See the ActiveConnection property.