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ASP Servlet Interface

Sun ONE Active Server Pages 4.0 implements some of the interfaces and classes in the javax.servlet and javax.servlet.http packages. This means that Java objects designed for use in Java Server Pages (JSPs) can now be integrated into a Sun ONE ASP script. The ASP servlet interface implemented in this release is not a full-fledged servlet container, but instead provides a mapping between servlet container objects and ASP objects (as described in Object Mapping).

Sun ONE ASP Chili!Beans technology is used to implement this functionality. Chili!Beans now has the ability to interact with Java classes that use the ServletContext interface. Java methods taking HttpServletRequest and HttpServletResponse arguments can be called directly from ASP scripts through the Chili!Beans wrapper. When methods of classes wrapped by Chili!Beans require arguments that implement these interfaces, Chili!Beans provides a mechanism that allows the methods to be called using a syntax similar to method calls from Java or JSP code.

This section provides information specific to the ASP servlet interface implemented in Sun ONE ASP. It does not provide a complete developer reference for the javax.servlet and javax.servlet.http interfaces, or for servlet or JSP technologies in general. The following URLs are good resources for that information:

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Object Mapping

Programmatic Access

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