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Chili!Beans Component Reference

The Sun ONE ASP Chili!Beans ActiveX control is a wrapper that enables Java(TM) objects to be used by COM controllers (such as ActiveX scripting engines like VBScript). The control is designed to work with Java virtual machine (JVM[TM]) versions 1.4 or greater.

To use Chili!Beans, a Java(TM) runtime environment (JRE) must be installed on the machine, and Chili!Beans must be enabled from the Sun ONE ASP Administration Console. JRE 1.4 is installed with Sun ONE ASP by default, and is required for use with the product.

Chili!Beans technology is also used to implement the ASP servlet interface new to this release of Sun ONE ASP. Java components designed for use in servlets and JSPs (Java Server Pages[TM]) can now be integrated into Sun ONE Active Server Pages applications directly from ASP scripting (see ASP Servlet Interface for more information).

Please note the following:

This section provides Chili!Beans reference information.

In this section:

Enabling Chili!Beans

Using Null Objects with Chili!Beans

Iterating a Collection with Chili!Beans

Accessing Methods and Fields with Chili!Beans

Limitations of Chili!Beans Objects

Supplying Java Virtual Machine Settings

Constructing Java Objects with Chili!Beans

ASP Servlet Interface