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Supplying Java Virtual Machine Settings

In rare cases you must supply startup settings to the Java virtual machine (JVM). In a stand-alone Java application, these settings are passed as command-line arguments.

Note icon Note The mechanism described here is for expert users only.

The startup settings can be passed to the Java virtual machine run by the Chili!Bean by specifying them in a configuration file. The default path to the file is as follows:


This path can be customized by exporting the CB_PROPERTIES environment variable in the script to the desired path.

Each line in the configuration file will be passed as an argument to the Java virtual machine at startup. For example, configuring the Chili!Bean with file:

has the same effect as starting the Java virtual machine from the command line with the command:

Java –Dfoo=bar –Xint <classname>

The meanings of individual arguments vary with virtual machine versions; consult the virtual machine’s documentation for more information.

Note icon Note Never use this mechanism to change the startup classpath, unless all of the directories and JAR files set in the CLASSPATH by the script are included.