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Diagnostic Applications

Diagnostic applications are used to verify that your ASP environment is working correctly. Following installation, and with your Web server running, diagnostic applications can be accessed from:


where [HOSTNAME] is the hostname of the Web server configured to run with Sun ONE ASP.

The following tables lists the diagnostic applications installed with Sun ONE Active Server Pages.

Used for
Tests the functionality of ASP and VBScript by using a simple "Hello World" script.
Tests the functionality of JScript.
Tests the ASP Server-to-Web server connection by retrieving the standard Web server variables.
Tests the functionality of additional components installed with Sun ONE ASP.
Accesses ADO from VBScript. Connects to a sample database by using ODBC to test the functionality of ADO and the dBASE ODBC driver.
Performs the same test as the ADO diagnostic, but accesses ADO from JScript rather than from VBScript.
Uses ADO to execute a SQL statement and display the results. To use this application, you must first create a system DSN for your database on the ASP Server (see Adding a DSN).

Note icon Note To use ASP functionality in the diagnostic applications, Allow session state must be set to yes on the Server Settings page in the Sun ONE ASP Administration Console. For more information about this setting, see Enabling Session State. For Windows systems, see Editing the Windows Registry.

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