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Configuring Usernames and Passwords

During installation a username and password is created to restrict access to the Sun ONE ASP Administration Console. The Administration Console can be used to add, edit, and delete usernames and passwords as follows:

Caution icon Caution If you chose the default configuration for the Administration Console during installation, the administrator username is configured as "admin" and the password as "root." To protect the security of your server, you should change these from the defaults as soon as possible.

To configure usernames and passwords

  1. Open the Administration Console by using the following URL:

  2. http://[HOSTNAME]:[PORT]

    where [HOSTNAME] is the hostname of the Web server configured to run with Sun ONE ASP, and [PORT] is the port on which the Administration Console is running (5100 by default).

    The Server Management page displays.

  3. In the left navigation pane, click Users.

  4. The Users page displays.

  5. Perform the desired action:

    • To change your password, click change password. In the Change Password dialog that displays, provide password information, and then click OK. You can change your own password, but not that of any other user.

    • - or -

    • To add a user, specify the username, password, and password confirmation in the corresponding boxes on the Users screen, and then click Add user.

    • - or -

    • To delete a user, select the check box that corresponds to the user and click Delete selected user(s).

Note icon Note It is not necessary to restart the ASP Server after making these changes.

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