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Using the Administration Console

The Sun ONE Active Server Pages Administration Console is a browser-based application used for managing Sun ONE ASP. It enables administrators to configure and control the Sun ONE ASP Server and its bindings to Web servers and database servers from a Web browser, either locally or remotely.

Most product configuration settings are accessible from the Administration Console. Whenever possible, the Administration Console should be used for product configuration.

This section describes how to access and use the Administration Console for basic tasks. Subsequent sections describe the use of the Administration Console for server management and configuration.

Note icon Note Expert users can also perform certain tasks from the command line. For more information, see Command-line Management.

In this section:

Accessing the Administration Console

Starting and Stopping the Administration Web Server

Configuring Usernames and Passwords

Accessing Product Documentation

Viewing the README File

Contacting Customer Support

Installing a New Serial Number

Checking for Product Updates

Enabling External Components

Enabling Database Tools

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