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Configuring ASP Applications

An ASP application must be defined on the ASP Server in order for the application to be recognized and processed when a user requests an ASP page. The easiest way to define and configure an application is by using the Sun ONE ASP Administration Console, as discussed in this section. However, if you need to configure an application in a hosted environment, see Defining Applications in a Shared Environment. For more information about defining FrontPage applications, see Using the FrontPage Services File.

You can define and configure an ASP application from the Administration Console Applications page, which displays when you click the ASP Applications link on the Server Management page.

The Applications page displays the list of ASP applications that are currently defined on the ASP Server, and provides access to settings for adding, removing, and configuring ASP applications:

Note icon Note On Windows NT and Windows 2000, ASP applications are defined by adding aliases or virtual directories to the Web server. Sun ONE Active Server Pages treats each alias or virtual directory as an ASP application. With Sun ONE Web Server, ASP applications are defined by adding an "additional document directory" using the server’s Administration tool. With Apache Web Server, ASP applications are defined by adding an alias to the httpd.conf file.

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