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Defining Applications in a Shared Environment

For the ASP Server to process an ASP application, the set of directories and files comprising the application must be defined as an ASP application. In dedicated Web hosting environments, an ASP application is defined by "adding" it to the ASP Server, as described in Configuring ASP Applications.

However, in a shared Web hosting environment in which virtual hosts are being used (referred to as virtual servers on Sun ONE Web Server), such as with an Internet Service Provider, applications are not "added" in this manner. Instead, the top-level, or root, directory of each virtual host defined on your Web server is automatically defined as an ASP application. No other steps are necessary to enable ASP processing for the application.

There may be some situations, however, in which you want to enable or disable ASP processing for a particular virtual host. You can do this as described in Enabling ASP for a Virtual Host. FrontPage users can also define an application as described in Using the FrontPage Services File.