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Enabling FrontPage Publishing

FrontPage Server Extensions are a set of server-side applications (CGI programs) that enable you to publish Web pages and applications to UNIX- or Linux-based Web servers, or to Windows NT- and Windows 2000-based computers running a Web server other than IIS (Internet Information Server). To enable this capability, FrontPage Server Extensions must be installed, and FrontPage authoring must be enabled on the Web server.

Sun ONE ASP supports but does not install FrontPage Server Extensions. You must obtain them from Microsoft, and can do so at:

Once the extensions are installed, you must take additional steps to enable users to publish their pages to the server. For information about using FrontPage in a shared environment, see Using the FrontPage Services File.

Note icon Note While Sun ONE ASP enables you to run ASP pages generated by FrontPage, specific questions about the installation, configuration, and use of FrontPage and FrontPage Server Extensions should be directed to Microsoft or its representatives.

When publishing ASP pages created with FrontPage, be aware that Enable parent paths is set to no by default. With this configuration, CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject") calls generated in the global.asa file by FrontPage will not work. This means that you must either change Enable parent paths to yes, or ASP developers must change the code that FrontPage generated in the global.asa file to Server.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject"). However, be aware that changing this setting from the default can create a security risk for your server. For more information, see Configuring File System Access.

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