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Command-line Management

Most settings for Sun ONE Active Server Pages should be configured from the Administration Console, a browser-based GUI used for managing Sun ONE ASP. However, while it is strongly recommended that the Administration Console be used for product configuration, expert users do have the option to perform certain tasks from the command line.

Some command-line functionality is provided in both an interactive and a non-interactive mode. As the names imply, the interactive mode requires users to respond to prompts, while the non-interactive mode requires no interaction beyond issuing commands that specify path information, file locations, and so on. Functionality for both modes is provided by a singleton master script called configure-server, which serves as the primary entry point for managing the ASP Server. The configure-server script is located in the Sun ONE ASP installation directory (/opt/casp by default).

This section describes some but not all of the command-line functionality provided in this release of Sun ONE Active Server Pages. Complete command-line documentation is available, however, and can be accessed as described in Command-line Help.

Caution icon Caution This functionality is for expert users of Sun ONE Active Server Pages. Take great care when making the changes described in this section. Changes you make could require a complete reinstall of Sun ONE ASP and could void your eligibility for customer support. You should back up your data before making any changes.

In this section:

Command-line Help

Using configure-server

Stop/Start/Status ASP Server (Command Line)

Add/Delete/Reconfigure ASP Servers

Starting on System Boot

Changing casp.cnfg Settings

Add/Remove ASP in Virtual Hosts

Add/Remove Applications

List/View/Add/Edit/Delete ODBC DSNs

Uninstalling Sun ONE ASP