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Add/Remove Applications

This functionality is used to add and remove applications. The scriptable interface (configure-server) is described in the following table.

Note icon Note For information about adding and remove applications using the Sun ONE ASP Administration Console, see Defining ASP Applications (ASP Server).

Allows you to change casp.cnfg settings.
engine [0-9]*=
(user specified)
If a path is specified, the full path information will be used to identify the ASP engine being modified. If a name is specified (such as asp-server-3000), the path is assumed to reside within the current installation.
(user specified)
This is the section within casp.cnfg (such as section=default machine) that contains the key you want to add, delete, modify, or view.
(user specified)
This is the key in the specified section that you want to add, delete, modify, or view.
(user specified)
This is the value for the key.
Determines which action(s) to take with the provided parameters:
- The "add" mode adds the specified key/value under the specified section. If that key is already associated with a value, it will be overwritten.
- The "del" mode removes any entry with the specified key under the specified section.
- The "view" mode prints the current contents of the specified key to stdout, in the following format:
<casp.cnfg>: <section>: <key>: <value>
Caution: Using mode=del could prevent the ASP engine from starting. It is strongly recommended that mode=del be used sparingly, if at all. Appropriate uses are listed in Deleting casp.cnfg Settings.
This parameter specifies whether error checking should be provided when modifying a section/key value. This checking disallows creating new keys or modifying keys that are not user configurable.
Caution: It is strongly recommended that you do not use override=yes. Doing so could render your server inoperable.

In this section:

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