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Add/Edit DSNs

This functionality is used to create a new DSN or modify an existing one. The scriptable interface (configure-server) is described in the following table.

Allows you to create a new DSN or modify an existing one. Has an exit code of 0 if the operation succeeds, non-0 if the operation fails.
name=<new DSN name>
(user specified)
This is the name for the new DSN. If a DSN with that name already exists, it will be replaced.
type=<database type>
(user specified)
This must be one of the database names displayed by show_dbinfo. If the <value> contains spaces, the <key>=<value> parameter must be enclosed in spaces. The numeric index displayed next to the database name by show_dbinfo may also be passed as the value.
Optional Parameters
One or more parameters of the form <key>=<value>, where <key> is one of the allowable attributes for the database type displayed by show_dbinfo.

Example Usage

./configure-server function=new_dsn name=mysql_test type=MySQL
Server=test Database=mysql Port=3306 User=root Password=root