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Configuring Database Parameters

To make it easier for Web developers to connect to a database from an ASP page, a system DSN for the database can be added to the ASP Server, as described in Adding a DSN. When you do this, Sun ONE Active Server Pages automatically configures the appropriate parameters for the ODBC driver installed for that database. The ASP Server and ODBC Manager use this information to establish the connection.

In most cases you should not change the parameters configured by Sun ONE ASP. However, there might be times when you do need to edit them. This section provides reference information about the parameters that are configured for the ODBC drivers installed with Sun ONE ASP.

Note icon Note Sun ONE Active Server Pages for UNIX and Linux installs the ODBC drivers for a number of databases (ODBC drivers are not installed with Sun ONE Active Server Pages for Windows). You can view the list of installed drivers from the Sun ONE ASP Administration Console, as described in Viewing the List of ODBC Drivers. Customer Support is provided only for ODBC drivers that are installed with Sun ONE ASP.

In this section:

DB2 Parameters

dBASE Parameters

Informix Parameters

Microsoft SQL Server Parameters

MySQL Parameters

Oracle Parameters

PostgreSQL Parameters

SequeLink Parameters

Sybase Parameters

Text Parameters

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