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dBASE Parameters

The following table describes the dBASE 5 database parameters available for configuring system DSNs, as they appear on the Sun ONE ASP Administration Console New Data Source Name and Edit Data Source Name pages. For more information, see Configuring Data Source Names (DSNs).

Data Source Name*
Name of the data source name (DSN) you are configuring.
Description of the DSN to help distinguish it from others.
Database type*
Indicates for which type of database you are configuring this DSN (dBASE 5).
On the New Data Source Name page, this is the name of the ODBC driver installed for the type of database selected in the Database type box (dBASE 5). This is a nonconfigurable field.
On the Edit Data Source Name page, this is the absolute path name of the ODBC driver specified for this DSN. This is a configurable field.
Path name of the directory in which the DBF files reside.
Determines the order in which records are retrieved when you issue a SELECT statement with an ORDER BY clause. When set to 0 (the default), ASCII sort order is used. Items are sorted alphabetically, with uppercase letters preceding lowercase letters (for example, "A, b, C" would be sorted as "A, C, b").
When set to 1, international sort order is used, as defined by your operating system. The order is always alphabetic, regardless of case.

* Required parameters

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