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Configuring Data Source Names (DSNs)

To make it easier for developers to connect an ASP application to a database, the system administrator can add a system DSN (data source name) to the ASP Server. DSNs store information about a database that the ASP Server and ODBC Manager use for connecting to it. Developers can use the system DSN in connection strings on ASP pages to incorporate database information by reference, rather than specifying the complete set of information in each string.

You can access DSN configuration settings on the Global Data Source Names tab of the Sun ONE ASP Administration Console Databases page. This tab displays the list of system DSNs that are currently configured for the ASP Server. It also provides access to settings for adding a new DSN to the ASP Server, and for removing, editing, and testing an existing DSN.

Please note the following:

This section describes how to add, remove, edit, and test system DSNs.

In this section:

Adding a DSN

Removing a DSN

Editing a DSN

Testing a DSN