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Specifying the Destination Database

You must provide information about the MySQL database to which the Access database will be published. This information is provided on the Specify Destination Database screen in the Database Publisher wizard.

To specify the destination database

  1. On the Specify Destination Database screen, in the Server box, specify the hostname or IP address for the MySQL server.

  2. In the Port box, specify the port for the MySQL server (3306 by default).

  3. In the Database Name box, specify the name of the destination (MySQL) database.

  4. If you receive an error message pertaining to an "unknown database," that means the database you have specified does not exist on the MySQL server and must be created. See the following note.

    Note icon Note If you have appropriate privileges for the database server, and Create database has been enabled by the administrator on the Tools page in the Sun ONE ASP Administration Console, the Create Database check box is also available on this screen. Select the check box to create a new database to which to publish, and specify the name of the new database in the Database Name box.
  5. In the User ID box, specify the user name for the MySQL database server, as provided by the database administrator.

  6. In the Password box, specify the password for the MySQL database server, as provided by the database administrator.

  7. Click Next to proceed with publishing, Cancel to exit the wizard, or Back to return to a previous screen.

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