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DSN-based Database Connections (DBMS)

Data source names (DSNs) are collections of information required for connecting to specific databases. They make it easier to connect to a database because all information can be provided by referencing the DSN rather than providing the entire connection string. The DBMS tool allows you to connect to a database using DSN-based or DSN-less connections. This section discusses the configuration of DSN-based connections.

Note icon Note To use a DSN-based connection, the DSN must reside on the same ASP Server as the DBMS application (for example, the DSN cannot reside on solaris-02 and the DBMS application on solaris-03). Otherwise, a DSN-less connection must be used.

In this section:

Adding a DSN-based Connection (DBMS)

Editing a DSN-based Connection (DBMS)

Deleting a DSN-based Connection (DBMS)

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