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The Sun ONE Active Server Pages Database Management System for MySQL (DBMS) is a database administration system for MySQL databases. The tool enables MySQL databases to be administered from a browser-based administration console instead of strictly from the command line. This user-friendly approach greatly simplifies the administration of MySQL databases, allowing a graphical user interface (GUI) to be used to perform database administration.

The DBMS application is installed with Sun ONE Active Server Pages and is administered from the Sun ONE ASP Administration Console, where it runs as an ASP application. A client Web browser is used to access DBMS, and to connect to and administer a database on the MySQL database server.

This section describes how to administer and use the DBMS application, and assumes a working knowledge of MySQL. It does not provide detailed information about MySQL, or about relational database concepts in general. For specific information about the installation, configuration, and use of MySQL, please refer to MySQL documentation at the following URL:

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Administering DBMS

Accessing DBMS

DBMS Conventions

Connecting to a Database (DBMS)

Working with Tables

Working with SQL Statements