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Adding New Tables

New tables require a table name and at least one table column. Names and column types must adhere to MySQL conventions (see DBMS Conventions). Use the following procedure to add a new table.

Note icon Note You cannot perform this procedure unless corresponding privileges have been granted by the MySQL database administrator.

To add a new table

  1. Open DBMS using the URL provided by your Sun ONE ASP administrator.

  2. Click a database connection in the left pane to expand a node if necessary, and then expand the Tables node.

  3. Table information displays in the right pane.

  4. Click Add new table in the left pane, or in the table in the right pane.

  5. The Add new table page displays, opening on the Design table tab by default. This page is used to design the table.

  6. In the Name box for the new table, type the table name.

  7. In the Description box, type a table description.

  8. In the Name box for a row, type the column name.

  9. In the remaining fields, specify column information as desired. It is strongly recommended that a primary key be added to the table. Also note the following:

    • The Select box for each row is selected automatically as you work with the column rows. Selected rows will be included in the table.

    • To add more columns to the table, click Add more columns at the bottom of the Add new table page. Ten blank rows of input boxes will be added.

    • Default settings based on data type are provided for some fields. For descriptions of each field and detailed information about MySQL conventions and rules, consult MySQL documentation at the following URL (particularly the language reference section):


  10. After designing the new table, do one of the following:

    • Click Save to submit the information for the rows that are selected and save the table (if the table cannot be saved, an error message displays).

    • - or -

    • Click Reset to clear the form.

Note icon Note After a new table has been saved you can add, edit, or remove data as described in Updating Existing Tables (assuming corresponding privileges have been granted by the database administrator). You can also change table design as described in Changing Table Design.

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