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Using Custom Server Components

On Windows and UNIX systems, Sun ONE Active Server Pages provides support for custom server components, which can be useful when your Web applications require complex business logic. Application developers may find it more efficient to encapsulate this business logic in a custom server component written in an advanced language such as Java or C++ (on Windows), rather than trying to implement it with script. Sun ONE ASP uses Java as the primary method for extending the ASP architecture into the enterprise environment.

Note icon Note Sun ONE ASP uses an implementation of COM for UNIX developed internally. At this time there is no compiler or API available to port custom objects to UNIX platforms. If you are developing your components in Java, you can use Sun ONE ASP Chili!Beans technology instead.

On Windows, Sun ONE ASP server components can be written in any language that supports COM, including Java, Visual Basic, and C++. On UNIX, Sun ONE ASP server components can be written in Java. If you develop your components in Java, Chili!Beans shields you from many of the details of COM. For more information, see Chili!Beans Component Reference.