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Enabling ASP for a Virtual Host

In a Web hosting environment that makes use of virtual hosts (referred to as virtual servers on Sun ONE Web Server), ASP applications are defined in a different manner than that described in Adding ASP Applications. This is because the ASP Server automatically recognizes ASP applications for each virtual host defined for the Web server.

This section describes how to use the Sun ONE ASP Administration Console to selectively enable or disable ASP processing for each virtual host. In this scenario, the ASP application files must be located in the document root directory of the Web server or virtual host. In addition, the directory containing the global.asa file cannot be below the top-level directory of the Web server or virtual host document root (for more information about ASP applications and the global.asa file, see Configuring ASP Applications).

To enable or disable ASP processing for a virtual host

  1. Open the Administration Console (see Accessing the Administration Console).

  2. On the Server Management page (the first page to display when you open the Administration Console), click the Web Server tab.

  3. The Web Server tab displays.

  4. Click Virtual Hosts.

  5. Select or clear the check box of each virtual host for which you want to enable or disable ASP processing.

  6. Click Server Management in the left navigation pane.

  7. Restart the ASP Server by clicking Restart.

  8. Note icon Note Restarting the ASP Server resets all Session and Application variables.

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