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Publishing the Database

The Summary of Actions screen in the Database Publisher wizard is the final screen to display before publishing the Access database to MySQL.

This screen summarizes all actions that will be taken during publishing, and is your last chance to cancel the process and cleanly exit the publishing wizard before data in the MySQL database has been altered.

After a database is published, an association is created between the original Windows file name and a connection string that connects to the new database. The association is used by the ADO control.

Caution icon Caution Before publishing, be sure to back up the MySQL database to which you are publishing.

To publish the database

  1. Verify all actions listed on the Summary of Actions screen. To make changes, click Back to return to a previous screen. If desired, click Save As to save this information to a file.

  2. Start or cancel publishing:

    • To proceed with publishing, click Publish. Publishing begins and the Publishing dialog displays, showing progress.

    • - or -

    • Click Cancel to exit the wizard and cancel publishing before data in the MySQL destination database has been altered. Do not wait to click Cancel in the Publishing dialog after publishing has begun. That action will have unpredictable results for the destination (MySQL) database.

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