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Administering DBMS

The DBMS application is administered from the Sun ONE ASP Administration Console. Administrators use the Administration Console to enable DBMS for use, specify an authorization key that unlocks the application, and specify the blob file-size limit.

To make DBMS available for users, Sun ONE ASP administrators must do the following:

The DBMS application cannot be used to create a new database. It is assumed that a MySQL server is available to which users can connect, and that a database exists on that server.

Note icon Note Database security is governed solely by privileges assigned to the user account by the MySQL database administrator. For more information about MySQL security, see documentation on the MySQL Web site pertaining to the privilege system.

To administer DBMS

  1. Open the Sun ONE ASP Administration Console by using the following URL:

  2. http://[HOSTNAME]:[PORT]

    where [HOSTNAME] is the hostname of the Web server configured to run with Sun ONE ASP, and [PORT] is the port on which the Administration Console is running (5100 by default).

    The Server Management page displays.

  3. In the left navigation pane, click Tools.

  4. The Tools page displays.

  5. To enable or disable DBMS, select or clear the Enable box for DBMS (DBMS is enabled by default).

  6. In the Key box for DBMS, specify the authorization key that unlocks the application for use. This authorization key must be supplied to each user of the application. The key is configured as "password" by default. A new key should be chosen as soon as possible.

  7. In the File size limit for blob column (bytes) box, specify the blob file-size limit. This setting limits the size of files users can upload into their databases.

  8. This value defaults to the smaller of the following two values:

    • The maxlongfieldlength parameter for ADO in the Sun ONE ASP configuration file, casp.cnfg, which specifies the maximum long field length in bytes (see the [ADO] keyword). This value is set to 65535 by default. If the data passed to a database exceeds this limit, ADO will throw an error.

    • The Max. Transfer Size (Bytes) setting on the Components page in the Sun ONE ASP Administration Console. This setting specifies the maximum transfer size (in bytes) that can be uploaded using the Chili!Upload component. This value is set to 1000000 by default.

    • Caution icon Caution Severe problems will result if either of these values is set extremely high (such as 50 MB for maxlongfieldlength or 30 MB for Max. Transfer Size).
  9. Click Save to save your changes, or Cancel to revert to the settings that were last saved.

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