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Accessing DBMS

DBMS allows you to administer MySQL databases from a GUI accessed with a client browser. To use DBMS, the tool must be enabled in the Sun ONE ASP Administration Console. Users logging in to the DBMS application will be asked to provide an authorization key.

The authorization key unlocks DBMS for use, and is configured by your Sun ONE ASP administrator in the Sun ONE ASP Administration Console (see Administering DBMS). You cannot use the application without a valid authorization key. If you do not have this key, contact your administrator.

The session timeout is set to 20 minutes by default. If your DBMS session expires, you will be prompted to log back in. Likewise, if the Sun ONE ASP administrator changes the authorization key, you will be prompted to log back in with the new key. Contact your Sun ONE ASP administrator if you feel the session timeout is too short, or if you are having trouble logging in.

Caution icon Caution Do not use this application from a public computer. Doing so could expose your information to other users of the shared computer. If you must use a public computer, it is strongly recommended that you delete database connections before closing the application or browser, as described in Deleting a DSN-based Connection (DBMS) and Deleting a DSN-less Connection (DBMS).

To access DBMS

Note icon Note If information does not display as you think it should when using DBMS (for example, you update a table and your changes are not reflected in the user interface), you may need to refresh your browser by right-clicking in the pane and then clicking Refresh.

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